Small but without limits


Based on decades of legal knowledge and experience we provide protection for the customer.

We search for a simple but thorough solution for a conflict, if possible without the interference of a judge.

Advice, correspondence and info

It's possible that a problem occurs (work-related, family related, competition) but it doesn't seem to be worth the effort to start a 'case'. The problem is always present, but there are other priorities.

In a minimum of time you can describe your problem and request advice. The price is known in advance, as well as deadline for the advice.

Assistance and representation (court, meeting, expertises)

Due to the implementation of the VAT, our work has become more expensive for private individuals. It's a heavy financial burden for the private individual, certainly in a conflict opposed to a company (who can recover VAT). If you have been taken to court, we can defend or guide you, as you please.

We try to reduce the financial burden by limiting our interventions to the most important ones. We provide assistance for the actions you can do yourself.

Conflict avoidance and alternative conflict regulation

People avoid conflicts and confrontations due to the fact that they are negatively experienced. All too often people feel left out and unhappy because they sacrificed their own wishes or rights.

Based on thorough information about rights and opportunities, a consistent attitude and good communication, we can offer more satisfying and sustainable solutions.


Some basic contracts can be downloaded for a fixed fee.

The contracts can be custom-made or be adapted to your own situation.


Robotics and AI

The unique bond between AI and their creations

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A Belgian lawfirm close to EU legislation | De Rouck Partners Piret (DRPP)

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By offering a first line help ( see first advice ). 

By working with tools to safe your time and avoiding the travel to the office, and working with a small on line service ( on line contracts, Skype contacts for our clients ). 

By the typical work of a lawyer, but as effectif as possible.


You can explain your problem without any obligation, if you would like advice, assistance or representation. You will receive an initial preliminary answer with an estimate of the costs.Moreover, in urgent cases, we can deliver a first thorough advice within 48 hours, subject to prior payment.


Protection of the individual
Problems with the government
Property issues
Protection of work
Protection of intellectual property
SME’s and economic life
Support private person
Courts for private person
Support for enterprise
Courts for enterprise


The most important legislation about this subject is the Belgian law of 15 May 2006 that provides substantial penal sanctions ...

The rights of flight passengers in the event of cancellation or long delay of flights